Badge Insight

Planogram Compliance

Are you sticking to your Planogram?

According to research, sub-optimal merchandising can cost you nearly 3% of gross sales

The Badger® robot compares the plan to reality

Let’s Get Real

The Badger® robot scans and analyzes your store’s planogram (POG) for compliance and leverages that data to offer insights and improvements. 

The Badger® robot keeps you in the know and in the black

Hourly Reports

It doesn’t take long for a POG to go out of compliance. That’s why the Badger® robot scans and reports every hour. 

A Shelf Level View

See what’s out of stock, what’s in the wrong place, and what has a price discrepancy—and save 20 – 30 employee hours a week. 

Planogram Optimization

With the Badger® robot insights and best practices, you can use the data to optimize your POG and improve store performance.

What else can the Badger® robot do?