Badger Insight

Price Integrity

Are incorrect prices hurting your profitability?

Price inaccuracies result in the loss of millions in revenue every year




Accurate pricing starts with the Badger® robot

Work Smarter

The Badger® robot takes on the manual, tedious task of ensuring price integrity by comparing unit tags to current POG pricing.



The Badger® robot delivers insights and improved price integrity

Hourly Reports

An employee can audit your shelves—but at the cost of 20 to 30 hours per week. The Badger® robot can do it every hour.

The Big Picture

The Badger® robot ensures price integrity by scanning shelves and checking against current prices. When there's a discrepancy, you get an alert on the dashboard.

Accurate Pricing

The Badger® robot also will leverage pricing integrity best practices data to help improve compliance

What else can the Badger® robot do?