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Badger Technologies® retail solutions provide actionable data and analytics for retail operations through automation. Our solutions help you improve store execution, lower operational costs and increase profits.

Woodman's Markets Rolls Out Badger Grocery Robots

The Challenges in Retail

Not addressing these challenges is costing the retail industry billions in lost revenue every year.
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Revenue lost through out-of-stock items

20% of out-of-stock items will remain unresolved for three days or more. Over 30% of the time, shoppers purchase the item at a competitive store.

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Less than half of retailers can measure planogram compliance

Compliance isn’t small potatoes. It’s estimated that retailers globally lose almost $500B through in-store inconsistencies.

planogram compliance
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Estimated time employees spent checking price compliance, per store

The time employees spend checking price tags are less face-time employees have to help customers. But price integrity is important—incorrect price tags can lead to profit loss.

price integrity
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Reported improvement to NPS

Badger’s ROI reaches far beyond lost revenue from out-of-stock, planogram compliance and price integrity. Our clients report a material reduction in claims, lower insurance premiums and improved customer experience with Badger’s hazard mitigation solution.

hazard mitigation
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We give your team actionable data so you can focus on fixing costly issues instead of finding them.
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store integration

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Badger® Retail InSpect, InSight, InForm and PatrolBot™ Autonomous Robots.

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Calculate you annual and net savings when Badger Technologies autonomous robots are deployed in a retail environment.

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The First Report on Robots In The Aisle

The Early ROI Suggests They Are Here To Stay.

The First Report on Robots In The Aisle

Improving Inventory Accuracy through Data-Driven Retail Automation Services

What can in-store robots reveal that you do not already know? Turns out, plenty!

Improving Inventory Accuracy through Data-Driven Retail Automation Services

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Badger robots are hard at work helping
keep shelves stocked and stores clean.


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