Meet Badger: always multitasking, fully autonomous

Multitasking robots solve the most persistent operational problems facing retailers today.

Scanning shelves. Finding and fixing problems.

Out-of-stocks. Empty shelves. Price discrepancies. Planogram inconsistencies. They all happen — and they all cost you. With Badger Technologies’ autonomous robots, you can resolve operational issues quickly and inefficiently.

See data in 3D

The cameras on board allow the Badger robot to see not only in high-resolution detail, but also in 3D. This powerful optics package allows for smooth in-store navigation and high-fidelity data acquisition.


Designed with retail in mind, Badger robots sport high-resolution cameras, rotating Lidar and a suite of sensors to navigate store aisles while steering clear of people, shopping carts or other objects.

Multipurpose functionality through firmware upgrades

With fully upgradeable firmware, new functionality and customized capabilities are just a simple software upgrade away.

Integrates with existing systems

Any new technology is only as good as its ability to connect and share data with your existing retail solutions. That’s why Badger robots are designed from the ground up to integrate with your current retail software through seamless integration of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Easily navigates changing environments

Advanced lidar (like radar, but with laser technology) is yet one more way Badger robots see its surroundings. As the robot travels around your store, it smoothly navigates and constantly maps the ever-changing environment.

A 12-hour “shift” on one charge

While the Badger robot is programmed to return to its charging station after a scheduled tour of your store, there is plenty of power still available for a full day of uninterrupted work. Equipped with a 12-hour rechargeable battery, the Badger robot is equipped to keep up with the fast pace of retail.

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Improve your bottom line with the Badger® Store Execution Suite

Improve your bottom line with the Badger<sup class="R">&reg;</sup> Store Execution Suite