Omni Talk Spotlight Series: Rethinking Robotics In-Store with Badger Technologies CEO, Tim Rowland


2019 is what Omni Talk has called the “tipping point” when it comes to the use of robotics, AI and new technology in retail spaces. Last year and into 2020, retailers are asking more than ever if they know what is going on in their stores. Badger Technologies® has created the technology to help. The Badger® robot has arrived to do the groundwork for stores when it comes to ensuring planogram compliance, price tag integrity and out-of-stock issues. What could take a traditional retail worker two to three days to scan 100 items will take the Badger robot two to three hours. Listen now to see what Badger Technologies CEO, Tim Rowland, has to say about the future of retail and how robots can increase the efficiency, accuracy and data-driven success for retail in the future.