The First Report On Robots In The Aisle: The Early ROI Suggests They’re Here to Stay

Robots in the Aisles


Heading into the new decade, industry experts and thought leaders David Hasler and Gordon Wade have issued a new Whitepaper. The report, titled “Robots in the Aisle” examines the growing use of robots in retail environments. Their report concludes that margin pressure has made robotics a necessity, but significant opportunities also exist in improving the retail experience for shoppers.

Hasler and Wade specifically examine the work of Badger Technologies and the company’s two functional models – detecting slips and falls and reporting OOS and pricing errors – that are already delivering significant ROI for retailers today.

In additional to detailing models, the report also exams the early performance of Badger’s industry leading 500+ fleet of robots and return on investment estimations for retailers. To date, the current fleet has shown:

  • An uptime exceeding 99%

  • 500 robots that have traveled a quarter of a million miles in-store

  • An ability to run 7 days a week, 12 hours a day

  • 100% meeting of customers’ specified KPI’s

  • 5x accuracy improvement over accurate humans

Additionally, ROI models suggest a potential $50,000 of labor cost savings annually per store and a partial recuperation of the estimated $1 million a year in lost annual per store sales due to OOS failures.

Robots are no longer just a growing presence on factory floors and warehouses. They are now being seen, more-and-more in Supermarket aisles across the world.