Badger Insight

Out Of Stocks

Are gaps in shelves leading to gaps in sales?

Out-of-stocks result in an average 4.1% annual revenue loss for grocers

Badger solves out-of-stocks

Restock Made Simple

The Badger® robot will detect holes on shelves and automatically generate replenishment lists. It will also prioritize out-of-stock alerts with supply chain integration.

Badger delivers shelf-level insights and the ability to act quickly



Detect Holes

With a scan every hour, Badger will detect holes on shelves quickly, allowing you to respond and replenish

Generate Replenishment List

No more manual replenishment lists-Badger will generate one based on the out-of-stocks detected.

Supply Chain Integration

The data gathered helps Badger prioritize out-of-stock alers with supply chain integration

What else can Badger do?