Badger Technologies will let you finally tackle issues affecting profitability.

Holes on shelves represent gaps in sales.


Out-of-stocks mean more than a missing product: On average, they result in a 4.1% annual revenue loss for grocers. The Badger® robot will detect holes on shelves and automatically generate replenishment lists. It will also prioritize out-of-stock alerts with supply chain integration.


How much is the 12oz hot sauce? The Badger® robot knows.


Sure, an employee can audit your shelves—but at the cost of 20 to 30 hours per week. The Badger® robot takes on the manual, tedious task of ensuring price integrity by comparing unit tags to current POG pricing. It will also leverage pricing integrity best practices data to help improve compliance.


You have a plan(ogram). The Badger® robot helps you stick to it.


According to research, the total cost of sub-optimal merchandising performance is about 3% of gross sales. The Badger® robot scans and analyzes your store’s planogram (POG) for compliance and leverages that data to offer insights and improvements. 


Cleanup in aisle 5? The Badger® robot is on it.


Any spills are a safety issue for both staff and customers. The Badger® robot automates hazard detection and reporting, improving audit and compliance operations—and making the store cleaner and safer for everyone.