Draw insights from actionable data and analytics.
Turn actions into higher revenue.


The disruption that retail grocery is now experiencing is so great that a true reimagination is required. With the growth of e-commerce, intense pricing pressure and average profit margins hovering around 3 percent, retail grocery chains have no margin for error. Operational execution must be near perfect to successfully compete.

Today, global retailers lose nearly $450 billion in revenue annually as a result of out-of-stock items, empty shelves and other in-store inconsistencies.1 Fragmented communications and lack of data between headquarters and local stores also contribute to operational inefficiencies and revenue loss. However, these gaps are within the retailers’ grasp to solve by addressing the root causes of inventory and data disconnects with the implementation of technology solutions and operational efficiency improvements to eliminate these revenue-limiting issues.

The Badger™ Store Execution Suite provides actionable data and analytics for retail operations through automation solutions that include a fully autonomous robot, software, store integration, maintenance and analytics. With an initial focus on solving operational issues within the grocery retail environment, the Badger Store Execution Suite is a set of service technology and process-based solutions that help improve a store’s operational execution and financial performance.

1Retail’s $1.1 Trillion Inventory Distribution Problem, IHL Group


Elevate your retail operations with Badger™ Retail inSight and address out-of-stock, planogram compliance and price integrity issues. With Badger Retail inSight, retailers gain actionable data and analytics that provide a corporate view across stores and puts you in control of your operations by:

  • Detecting holes on shelves and generating replenishment lists
  • Generating powerful on-shelf availability best practices analytics across stores
  • Prioritizing out-of-stock alerts with supply chain integration
  • Correlating POS data to out-of-stock data, location and facings
  • Ensuring center store planogram (POG) and sales plan compliance
  • Addressing price integrity issues by comparing unit tags to current POG pricing
  • Analyzing and leveraging CPG display compliance data
  • Generating CPG managed display compliance analytics
  • Leveraging pricing integrity best practices data

Data storage and report generation is maintained securely in our cloud and reported back to the store through our custom dashboard or via specific integration with existing store systems. With an annual subscription, Badger Technologies provides installation, upgrades and maintenance, offering a comprehensive reporting service.


Automate hazard detection and reporting with Badger™ Retail inSpect. With Badger Retail inSpect, retailers can identify and address hazards such as liquid and powder spills, cardboard, shrink wrap, produce, coffee beans and other bulk food items to:

  • Improve audit and compliance operations
  • Eliminate inconsistent performance and reporting
  • Increase safety for employees and customers

The Badger Retail inSpect solution can be customized for data archiving with time and date of both records and images as required.


Badger Technologies™ offers complete end-to-end solutions that includes in-store data gathering autonomous robots, onboard analytic and parsing, cloud-based applications software, store integration, maintenance and analytics. Our goal is to help retailers incorporate new technologies and embrace transformative business models through a trustworthy partner. Today’s demanding and fast-changing retail environment means that more than ever you need a single, central solution that provides flexibility and scalability, enabling innovation on your schedule and in line with your budget.


Badger Technologies’ fully autonomous robot has been initially developed for the grocery retail environment to address out-of-stock, planogram compliance, price integrity, and audit and compliance issues. Our autonomous robots operate safely alongside shoppers and employees while scanning shelves. Advanced technologies include:

  • Rotating lidar to map and navigate the store
  • High resolution and 3D depth cameras for navigation and data acquisition
  • Navigation sensorsFirmware in robotics operating system (ROS)
  • Modular application software architecture for custom system integration
  • Autonomous base with rechargeable 12-hour battery

Yes, it’s a cool robot! But also cool is the advanced data and actionable business analytics that provides a corporate view across stores, real-time knowledge that translates into improved store execution, lower operational costs and higher profits.